Ballina.Info has become one of the premium sites on the North Coast of New South Wales, frequently used daily by many local residents and potential holiday visitors. We invite all local businesses looking to increase their internet presence to join the Balllina.Info community and place your business through our excellent advertising options to appear in front of your target market.

Banner Advertising on Ballina Info

Ballina Info currently offers banner advertising opportunities that are highly targeted and geared towards local businesses putting themselves in front of local residents. We have a number of sections within the site that we have identified are highly trafficked by local residents. These sections include the Cinema Guide, the Ballina Blog, Real Estate Guide, and a range of Things to Do pages. During the past 12 months these sections have experienced a combined average of 16,500 page views per month.

The banner advertising opportunities consist of 125 x 125 pixel banner ads in the right-hand menu and 468 x 60 pixel banner ads at the top of each page.

Banner Advertising Costs

All Ballina info banner advertising is worked out on a cost per thousand (CPM) impressions. At first look this may seem somewhat complicated, but basically all it means is that the advertising price is worked out at a rate that is based on each 1000 times your banner is shown.

Ad Units 125 x 125 468 x 60
CPM $20.00 $30.00
Minimum Spend $200.00
(10,000 impressions)
(10,000 impressions)

As an example, if your business were to budget $500 for 1 of each ad unit you would expect your advertising banners to be displayed 20,000 times before having to renew your campaign.

Banner Advertising Questions

How many Banner ads are shown on each page?
Generally each page that allows Banner advertising will have any maximum of four 125 x 125 in the right-hand menu, and a maximum of one 468 x 60 and at the top of the page. At various times we may offer alternatives to these options depending on season.

How often will mind Banner ad show?
Your banner advertising will be displayed in rotation with other advertisers while ever you have page interview and impressions left on your account. The advertising management software that we use will automatically keep track of your campaign and notify you when the number of impressions left on your campaign is getting low.

How will I know if my campaign has been successful?
Every website owner should have Web site analytics set up to monitor how their website is performing. There really is no excuse for not having the appropriate analytics in place when you consider that Google can offer you a very powerful analytics package absolutely free of charge.

With the appropriate analytics in place it becomes very easy to tell how many visitors you are receiving, where they are coming from, how long they are staying on your website and whether they are taking part in the desired action (e.g. buying a product or submitting a lead).

You may also be looking ad banner advertising as a branding opportunity to get your business in front of a lot of local Web site users.

Do you have any guidelines for preparing graphics for Ballina info banner advertising?
We have put together a simple guide to help you prepare your banner advertising in the appropriate format. Please click here for information about preparing your banner advertising.

During this past year the Ballina business directory has received in excess of 40,000 page views. The directory currently consists of over 600 local businesses from within the Ballina Shire.


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