NRMA monitors State petrol prices

Wondering how much your city cousins are paying for petrol? Or does your local servo have the highest petrol price in country New South Wales?

You can now find out, thanks to a new addition to the NRMA website.

The site gives average prices for fuel around New South Wales on a daily basis for Sydney and major rural centres.

For example, on Thursday, February 9, the highest price in Sydney was 130.9 cents per litre. The lowest was 109.9, while the average was 115.4. In Lismore, the average price was 119.8.

Only the Central Coast (116.0), Grafton (117.3) and Newcastle (119.1) had lower prices than Lismore. The State’s top price was being paid at Bega (131.1).

The NRMA hopes its Country Petrol Watch scheme will let people know what prices are being paid around the State, encouraging them to shop around for the best deal, thus forcing a more competitive market.

One Response to “NRMA monitors State petrol prices”

  1. dave Says:

    looks like they have made a good start to a good service. Hopefully now they will expand the country areas to include more towns!

    It would also be good if they make available some type of content feed that would allow us to display local prices on a site like Ballina info! If not, we could look at doing something off our own back.

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