CBD set to become Alcohol-Free Zone


An alcohol-free zone in the Ballina CBD is a step closer.

“As a result of incidents of malicious damage to property, littering, offensive behaviour and other crimes, Ballina Police have made application to Ballina Council for the establishment of an Alcohol-Free Zone (AFZ) in the Ballina CBD,” the council said.

“Under sections 644 to 644c and 646 of the Local Government Act 1993 and in accordance with the Ministerial Guidelines on Alcohol Free Zones, Ballina Council is providing notification of a proposal to establish an AFZ in the Ballina CBD and is seeking comments from the community in regard to this proposal.

“The establishment of an AFZ will prohibit the drinking of alcohol in public places. Public places are public roads, footpaths and public carparks.

“AFZs promote the use of these roads, footpaths and carparks in safety and without interference from irresponsible street drinkers.

“AFZs are enforced by the police and any person observed to be drinking in an AFZ must be warned that it is prohibited and given the opportunity to stop drinking.

“A person who fails to top drinking after a warning may have the alcohol in their possession confiscated and/or may be fined. The fine for failure to stop drinking is $20.

“The duration of the proposed AFZ will be three years and at the end of that time the AFZ may be re–established if required.”

To make comment on this proposal, write to:

The General Manager
Ballina Shire Council
PO Box 450

To view Local Government Guidelines for AFZs, visit this site.

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