Coalition will support enthanol technology, says Gulaptis

A re-elected Coalition Government will invest $5 million to support Ethanol Technologies’ pilot ethanol plant at the Harwood Sugar Mill, Nationals candidate for Page, Chris Gulaptis, said today.

“The Coalition has announced strong plan to increase Australia’s biofuel production and encourage more Australians to choose biofuels like ethanol at the fuel pump,” Mr Gulaptis said.

“Ethanol is currently produced from food crops like wheat and sugar. As a result, the worldwide demand for ethanol is increasing food prices.

“Ethanol Technologies Ltd is building a pilot plant at the Harwood Sugar Mill that aims to produce ethanol in commercial quantities from feedstocks like sugar cane waste. It’s an example of what is called lignocellulosic ethanol.

“The plant will use a chemical process rather than steam distillation to produce ethanol. It will use far less energy and water and will not produce the effluent that is associated with steam distillation.

“A re-elected Coalition Government will provide $5 million to support the construction of the plant, because it will lead the way to the next generation of renewable fuel technology.

“As a result of the Coalition’s support, the pilot plant should be completed and producing ethanol by 2010.

“Our plan for biofuels will save Australian families money, because ethanol blended fuel is about three cents per litre cheaper than regular unleaded.

“It will reduce our dependence on imported fuel and will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a strong plan that will help secure Australia’s future. It’s also great news for Harwood and the wider Clarence region”

Ethanol Technologies is a subsidiary of Willmott Forests.

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