Labor pledges $100 million for coast care

The precious coast of northern New South Wales will be better protected as a result of Labor’s five-year $100 million Community Coast Care Program.

Labor candidate for Page Janelle Saffin says the local coastline is under real pressure from climate change and coastal growth, and coastal communities are calling out for on-the-ground support.

The Community Coast Care Program will provide grants of up to $50,000 for community groups working in Page to undertake on-the-ground coastal restoration and preventative work, including:

Habitat protection;
Restoration of coastal waterways;
Removal of invasive weeds and pests;
Dune restoration and prevention of coastal erosion; and
Preparing for extreme climate-related events and storms.

Research from CSIRO confirms climate change could have a dramatic impact on the New South Wales coast with the potential for:

Increases in the frequencies of weather events that contribute to extreme winds and storm surges; and
Rising sea-levels, increasing the risk of coastal inundation.

“Only a Rudd Labor Government will address the pressures on our precious coastline, including the impacts of climate change,” Ms Page said.

“The Howard Government has no national coastal policy or program. After 11 years of scepticism, delay, denial and inaction, Australia’s coastal communities are ill-prepared for climate change.

“Only Labor has fresh ideas to tackle climate change and protect Australia’s precious coasts.”

One Response to “Labor pledges $100 million for coast care”

  1. trevor dancer Says:

    What measures would a Rudd government take to reduce these pressures on our coastline & how how would that be funded?

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