Ballina Bowling Club patron strikes it rich

A regular at Ballina Bowling and Recreation Club has walked away a millionaire on Saturday afternoon after winning a massive $1.8 million in a 10 from 10 number Keno jackpot game, giving the club its biggest-ever win.

The Ballina man was having a quiet afternoon drink with his wife when he decided to play a quick 10 number game on Keno. The quiet drink soon turned into bigger celebrations when it was clear he had just become Australia’s newest Keno millionaire.

“Not sure how we’ll celebrate just yet. I’ll go into work as normal on Monday, but I know I won’t be working for much longer!” said the elated transport worker.

“I’ve been working since I was 13 years old, so enough is enough! I am looking forward to putting up my feet.

“My kids will certainly benefit from my win, but we haven’t really thought about how we’ll spend the money – apart from planning our early retirement.”

An avid Keno player, usually playing two games a week ever since it started at his local club, the winner always uses a random selection of numbers in his games.

A local at the Ballina Bowling and Recreation Club for many years, staff were ecstatic for their friendly regular revelled in being able to host the fantastic win.

Keno National Marketing Manager, Marina Cid, said last year was one of the biggest so far for Keno Jackpot wins and everyone is hoping 2008 will be just as bountiful for Keno players.

“We’ve already made one millionaire this year, with countless others winning significant amounts of money. So far we have given away more than $25 million in NSW this year,” Ms Cid said.

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