North Coast being neglected, says Nationals Leader

NSW Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner has condemned the Iemma Labor Government for ‘once again neglecting the infrastructure needs of the North Coast in favour of spending $12 billion on a metro rail system in Sydney’.

He also criticised the Government’s lack of funding for local health services and roads.

Mr Stoner said it was scandalous that while the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line remained closed the Iemma Labor Government was willing to spend a staggering $12.5 billion on a North West metro line and billions more on three other lines in and around metropolitan Sydney.

“If anyone needed further proof of the Iemma Government’s Sydney-centric nature, this is it,” Mr Stoner said.

“While the North Coast is in the midst of a hospitals crisis, second-rate roads and cuts to the Casino-Murwillumbah rail line, Morris Iemma looks the other way.

“If it’s got $12 billion to spend in Sydney, the Iemma Government should some money into upgrading North Coast hospitals and funding road and rail, in particular the Pacific Highway.

“For too long the Pacific Highway has been neglected by the State Government and the price is paid in people’s lives.

“The North Coast Area Health Service is also suffering from a massive shortfall of funding by the Iemma Labor Government and people are losing their lives because of it.

“Shortages of beds, clinicians and specialist equipment could well be solved if the Iemma Government put in just a fraction of this $12 billion that will be spent in Sydney.”

Mr Stoner said it’s high time Mr Iemma recognised the importance of ensuring we have one standard throughout the State.

“Residents of rural and regional areas are sick of being treated like second-class citizens. Morris Iemma should not just invest in Sydney but right across the State, including the North Coast,” Mr Stoner said.

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