Lennox, Alstonville CBDs to be alcohol-free zones

Ballina Shire Council has taken another step towards combating alcohol-induced anti-social behaviour in Lennox Head and Alstonville.

The council has voted unanimously to implement alcohol-free zones in the Alstonville and Lennox Head CBDs.

The zones prohibit drinking alcohol at any time in public places that are public roads, footpaths and car parks.

Anyone found drinking in these zones must be warned to stop and if they continue they can be fined.

Ballina Shire Council was approached by police to implement the zones following ongoing social problems in those towns.

The police request for the zones in Alstonville and Lennox Head follows the successful introduction of an alcohol free zone in Ballina in October.

It also follows the successful trial of an increased weekend police presence in Lennox Head recently.

The council already bans alcohol consumption in its reserves between 10pm and 7am but these areas do not extend to roads, footpaths or car parks.

The first step in establishing an AFZ is a consultation process to ensure they are warranted and then an application to the Local Government Department.

One Response to “Lennox, Alstonville CBDs to be alcohol-free zones”

  1. David Middleton Says:

    I am a night worker and I can tell you, that the Alcohol Free Zones Works. There is no drinking in River Street anymore. The underage drinkers have now moved to places where the lighting is less bright like Crane St, Tamar St, and Burnet St.
    At 2.00 o’clock on Saturday/Sunday morning the same bodies are lying drunk in the middle of the road, the empty Burbon bottles are smashed over the road, and drunken teenagers are abusing passing vehicles.
    If you want to see how the Alcohol Free Zones are working, drive around the back streets of Ballina after midnight.

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