Ballina identified as a national property ‘hot spot’

Ballina has been identifed as a property ‘hot spot’ in a national survey.

“Regardless of the stage of the property cycle, there are always new hot spots emerging that have the potential to out-perform the market and deliver above-average growth to investors,” said national property market forecaster Terry Ryder of

Mr Ryder says that Ballina and Yamba is set to benefit from one of the country’s most influential pieces of new transport infrastructure – the Tugun bypass on the southern Gold Coast.

“This newly opened bypass makes northern NSW more accessible to the larger population bases of south-east Queensland,” he said.

“Ballina is still relatively affordable and are home to a number of new residential developments.”

Mr Ryder has identified a new batch of such locations worthy of real estate buyers’ attention in his latest quarterly The Ryder Report.

The report includes new hot spot alerts for each Australian State and Territory:

New South Wales: Ballina/Yamba

Queensland: Bowen Hills/Newstead

Victoria: The Surf Coast

South Australia: Strathalbyn

Western Australia: Boddington

Australian Capital Territory: Acton

Tasmania: Cambridge

No part of the Northern Territory was recommended as a future hotspot due to the massive downtown in sales across what is a rapidly cooling market, according to The Ryder Report.

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