Kids Alive Do The Five tour a success

Laurie Lawrence, creator of the Kids Alive Do the Five water safety awareness program, has proclaimed the recent tour of regional NSW a huge success, reaching an incredible 13,715 children under 10.

The tour’s first destination was Ballina in October, performing to 741 children at Southern Cross School.

Lawrence, who developed the show aimed at developing water safety awareness in young children, is very pleased with the tour’s reception by the local community and hopes the show will reduce drownings in northern NSW this summer.

“The shows had great attendance and were supported by the individual towns visited each day. We have shared our safety message with many children in the region and we are hoping that this will result better survival figures compared to last year, which saw far too many young children lose their lives to drowning,” said Lawrence.

“It is integral to spread the message of water safety and general swimming awareness in the lead up to summer. We have been able to conduct the tour in the region because of the assistance of local McDonald’s licensees. McDonald’s have always been great supporters of our program and with their help the tour has been a great success.” 

McDonald’s licensee in Ballina, Scott Campbell, is proud to be involved with the program and hopes to continue the partnership in 2010.

“McDonald’s licensees in northern NSW have a personal affiliation with the Kids Alive program after a former licensee’s grandson drowned in a backyard pool several years ago. We are committed to assisting the local community and are very pleased that the program’s swim-safe message reached so many children and their parents,” said Scott.

“The best part about the program was that it was interactive and involved the audience. The children learnt the messages and now see the backyard pool as somewhere they should only ever go with mum or dad.”

The Kids Alive Do the Five messages for young children and parents are:

  • Fence the pool!
  • Shut the Gate!
  • Teach your kids to swim! It’s great!
  • Supervise, watch your mate!
  • And learn how to resuscitate!

The Kids Alive Do the Five Program works with groups such as the Royal Life Saving Society and the NSW Government to promote general water safety education and to encourage residents to exercise caution around private pools.

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    wow im doing a brochure for one of my classes on swimming and this web site was the must helpful thanks!!!!

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