Spreading the word about our tourist attractions

Ballina Visitor Information Centre is set to offer Visitor Information Services at the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport.

The initiative, which commenced last week, saw Visitor Centre staff meet and greet 10 jet services from Sydney and Melbourne providing visitors with information about the Ballina Coast and Hinterland, and inspiring them to see and do more in our backyard.

To add to this service, the tourism section has also commissioned promotional footage to be displayed in the arrivals terminal showcasing our lush hinterland and magnificent waterways.

“Whilst this is not the first time we have provided meet and greet services at the airport, it is the first time we have had a dedicated space in the newly renovated arrivals terminal to provide such a service,” said Caroline Klose, Tourism Co-ordinator, Ballina Shire Council.

Leanne Cawley, President of Ballina Tourism & Hospitality Inc, said: “This is a fantastic initiative of Ballina Council, enabling us to get straight to the source of visitors.

“Now we have a chance to provide authentic information on the region coupled with visually appealing footage. All of this can
only enhance tourism in the Ballina Shire.”

The service is expected to run for the holiday period, with volunteers being recruited to extend this service into 2012. If you’d like more information on this service or to become a volunteer, contact the Ballina Visitor Information Centre on 1800 777 666.

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