Man to face court in Ballina over counterfeit currency

50 dollar noteA man will face court in Ballina next month after he was allegedly found in possession of counterfeit currency in Evans Head.

Police commenced investigations after a number of counterfeit notes were allegedly used at licensed premises at Evans Head on Saturday 17 October 2015.

On Tuesday, 20 October, police arrested a 72-year-old man at Ballina Police Station.

He was subsequently charged with utter counterfeit currency and possess prohibited currency.

The man was granted conditional bail and will appear in Ballina Local Court on Thursday 26 November 2015.

Anyone with any information about the use of counterfeit notes in the Richmond area is asked to contact local police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Meanwhile, police are urging all local business owners to be vigilant with money transactions.

Australia’s banknotes have a range of security features that can be used to check if they are genuine.

The banknote should be printed on polymer (plastic) and the clear window should be part of the banknote, not an addition. Also, you should look for the Coat of Arms and the Federation Star when the banknote is held up to the light. A ‘scrunch’ test will also distinguish polymer notes – which will flatten automatically – and counterfeit paper notes which often won’t.

Another way of checking is to try to start a small tear in the note. Real currency won’t tear easily, while fake currency often does.

Anyone who comes into contact with suspicious notes is asked to handle the note as little as possible and store it in an envelope. They are asked to note down any identifying features such as personal descriptions and vehicles used by them, and promptly notify police.

As a reminder, you are well within your rights to refuse to accept a banknote if you have concerns about it.

For more information about security features and what to do with counterfeit banknotes visit the Reserve Bank of Australia’s website at

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