Brush Up on Your Road Rules: Road Rules Awareness Week 2016

Roundabout Road RulesRoad Rules Awareness Week from 22 to 28 February is an annual opportunity for all road users to refresh their knowledge of existing road rules and learn new or changed rules.
“Whether you’re a driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian, cyclist or passenger, we all have a role to play in keeping our roads and each other safe. Make sure you know the road rules and be responsible by sticking to them”, said Ms Helen Carpenter, Road Safety Officer (Ballina Shire Council/ Roads and Maritime Services).
Some of the top local issues include roundabouts, mobile phone use, overtaking, children’s crossings, use of shared paths, and recent changes to road rules relating to bicycle riders.
“What we all need to remember is that the road rules are there for a reason. Queuing across a roundabout, for example, is dangerous if you find yourself blocking the flow of other traffic. You could also block a pedestrian crossing and put pedestrians at risk”, explained Ms Carpenter.

The top ten misunderstood road rules are explained in animations on the Transport NSW website:
• Roundabouts
• Pedestrians
• Mobile Phones
• Merging
• Keeping Left
• Headlights
• U-turns
• Safe Travelling Distances
• School Zones and
• Yellow Traffic Lights.

“Learning to be a good driver doesn’t end with getting your driver’s licence. It requires practice and staying up to date with the road rules. Drivers need to develop knowledge and experience, and also the attitude to become safer and smarter drivers”, said Ms Carpenter.

To learn more, call 13 22 13 or find the NSW Road Users’ Handbook and the Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules animations at
And see the new rules relating to bicycle riders at

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