Then and Now – Celebrating the rich history of Tintenbar over the past century

Tintenbar village c1920-1Then, people used to hang a sheet outside their property to alert others that they needed to fetch a doctor : now the community of Tintenbar has a fully staffed medical practice

Then ,it used to take a week to get to Grafton for the races via horse and cart: now it takes only an hour and a half by car

Then, communication was limited and via morse code :now the smart phone can connect us in seconds to the other side of the globe

Then ,Tintenbar had two churches, Anglican and Catholic – now one of the churches houses Che Bon, a popular French restaurant

On Saturday April 2nd, the Tintenbar Hall Committee and TinCAN, the local community aid network, will be hosting Then and Now an event showcasing the history of the village and celebrating its ongoing vibrancy.

The programme will include talks by local identities : featuring Tintenbar history buff John Hayter, Margaet Rigby(Red Cross) and local history writer Ian Kirkland. In addition Tony Koellner will entertain with bush poetry .There will be a pop up verandah café and after lunch the “Grand Gush” will take place – the unveiling of the new Hall drain by Tamara Smith, MP.
NOTE ; If there are residents who have Tintenbar memorabilia – photos,stories or documents to share ,please get in touch with the contacts listed below

  • Enquiries: Jennie Hicks 66879167 or Karen Ingleman 66878391 or
  • Venue: Tintenbar Hall, Tintenbar
  • Time : Saturday April 2nd, 10am – 2pm

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