Local stories from locals – ‘If These Halls Could Talk’

In response to our recent mail out asking if you wanted to stay on our newsletter list we received this back from Josephine.
Yes I am staying, and I thought I must have missed some because I’ve been busy’.

Actually, I’ve been very busy with If These Halls Could Talk.  The Arts Northern Rivers Project in collaboration with HW Collective and our Meerschaum Vale Hall.  Our Hall won the representation for the Ballina Shire.  The total seven shires around attracted over 120 entries and we were lucky enough to win the Ballina Shire.

Over 220 people, community and others, joined us last Saturday night at our lovely Meerschaum Vale Hall, for a Visual Poem, a short film,”land to vale”, presented by HW Collective, Poppy Walker and Sophie Hexter.  As you can see, a giant inflatable Screen was set out on the lawn.

Our Ballina Mayor, David Wright was there, as well as Eoin Johnston and Sharon Cadwallader.   The emotive film highlighted the collective memories of our old Hall (built in 1906).

I shall attach a couple of photos because it was an unbelievably lovely community evening, a culmination of a journey started in March last year.

Our Hall held a fantastic Community Engagement Day earlier this year at which Arts Northern Rivers and HW Collective and the ABC collected interviews and history.

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