Companion Animals in Rental Properties


Many people aren’t aware that the majority of cat and dog surrenders in the Northern Rivers and in other areas are due to companion animals (specifically dogs and cats) not being allowed to live in rental properties.

We often receive calls from distressed animal owners who are moving to rentals and are not allowed to take their pets with them. Rental accommodation is hard to come by in the Northern Rivers, so people are often forced to surrender their animals when moving to a rental situation or when the rules are changed through a lease period.

NRAS is writing to appeal to your compassion by suggesting a call-out to all landlords to rethink the current policies of ‘no pets’. Help us help the companion animals of the Northern Rivers by changing the rules around rentals where possible. By increasing the rates of rental properties who accepts pets, the number of family pets that are currently surrendered to be re-homed would be significantly reduced.

This in turn gives organisations, much like ourselves, an increased capacity to save and re-home other companion animals who are not lucky enough to have loving families desperate to keep them.

We would appreciate you considering this subject and passing on the message / plea to all landlords to reconsider where they currently have pet restrictions.

A simple policy change and / or reconsideration by landlords, could make a significant difference to the numbers of dogs and cats needing to be re-homed in the Northern Rivers.

Northern Rivers Animal Services

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