Local news from around the web 10 November 2016

Ballina ocean pool supporters urged to apply for grants
Supporters of an ocean pool at Ballina have been encouraged to apply for NSW Crown Lands grants to bring their dream to reality.

Shark net rollout along five beaches on New South Wales north coast
Shark nets are set to be rolled out along five beaches on the New South Wales far-north coast.

Shark nets: Mike Baird increases protection for surfers and swimmers, netting five beaches rather than two
PREMIER Mike Baird has doubled down on protecting surfers by promising to net five north coast beaches rather than two.

NSW north coast surfers call for 70km of shark nets
Surfers have called for shark nets along a 70km stretch of coastline to protect boardriders in northern NSW, as the Baird government considers “smart” nets to protect other marine animals.

Call for cameras in aged homes after murders: OPINION
IN the wake of the conviction of nurse Megan Haines for the double murder of two St Andrews residents in 2014, CCTV cameras should become mandatory in all nursing homes across Australia.

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