Speeding Cars Targeted on Teven Road


During November, motorists using Teven Road will have their speed monitored during a week long road safety campaign.

The campaign will involve electronic message boards displaying road safety messages and speed checks.

Between 2013 and 2015 there were 112 crashes in Ballina Shire where speed was a contributing factor.

Teven Road is a hotspot for speed-related crashes and is amongst the riskiest stretches in Ballina Shire, with 10 crashes (including one fatality) between 2013 and 2015.

The posted speed limit on Teven Road is 80km/hour. However, a speed count taken of vehicles using Teven Road earlier this year shows that 41% of drivers are exceeding the speed limit. Of these, around 12% are driving 90km/h to 110km/h. One driver was recorded at 145km/h.

“Speeding does not just mean driving above the posted speed limit, it also means driving too fast for the prevailing road and weather conditions and driving too fast around bends,” said Ms Helen Carpenter, Road Safety Officer (Ballina Shire Council, Roads and Maritime Service).

“Driving to conditions in the wet includes turning on your headlights, looking for water and debris on the road; slowing down especially around bends, avoiding braking, accelerating or turning to quickly to reduce your changes of skidding.”

Ms Carpenter said familiarity was no safety-net for drivers: most crashes involved local drivers. “Speeding causes crashes, so let’s cut the speed and cut the risks”.

One Response to “Speeding Cars Targeted on Teven Road”

  1. Brian Mullens Says:

    In reply to the speed monitoring on Teven Road. The same should be done on North Creek Road, North Ballina. Also ALL the streets in the Southern Cross Industrial Estate BEFORE somebody is killed or injured. Or even a house becomes victim.

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