Replanting rainforest on Lennox Headland 15th Annual Tree Planting Day

2016 Tree Planting Day
(photo credit: Tony Partridge for Ballina Shire Council)

Since 2003, GeoLINK and Ballina Shire Council have hosted the annual Lennox Head Community Tree Planting Day to coincide with World Environment Day (WED) – the biggest, most globally celebrated day for positive environmental action. This important initiative aims to protect our natural heritage and create a lasting natural legacy for future generations.

“The Ballina Environment Society started replanting the Lennox headland in 1980, with the GeoLINK-Ballina Shire Council planting partnership starting in 2003. Now in its 15th year, the Lennox Head Tree Planting Day has grown to become a major environmental event on the local calendar. Each year, the local community rallies together at the iconic Lennox headland to plant native seedlings of littoral rainforest species to restore what was once present on the headland pre 1800s,” explained Maree Walo from GeoLINK.

Best records of species that existed on the Lennox headland pre 1800s come from a study of the remaining patches of littoral rainforest in the Lennox Head area (such as the remnant patch in Amber Drive) and of all the adjacent remaining littoral rainforests. Aboriginal cultural heritage was also considered given their known use of the Lennox area.

The species for the headland restoration project were selected in consideration of the historical studies and include species such as Tuckeroo, Guioa, Coastal Banksia, Three Vein Laurel, Umbrella Cheese Tree, Bleeding Heart Tree, Coast Wattle, Jackwood, Yellow Kamala, Lilly Pilly, Sweet and Hairy Pittosporum, Pink Bloodwood, Brown Kurrajong, Beach Birdseye, Pink Euodia, Brown Pine and Brush Cherry. In 2011, five rare Coastal Fontainea (Fontainea oraria) seedlings, kindly provided by the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (NRCMA), were included in the planting.

The whole planting list combined, on achieving canopy formation, forms a littoral rainforest and becomes an endangered ecological community listed under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

James Brideson, Ballina Shire Council’s Natural Resources Officer is proud of the work achieved so far. “A large area has been planted since the event’s inception in 2003, where a mere 20 volunteers planted just 140 seedlings. As event awareness has grown, so too have the numbers of participants attending each year. Over the past 14 years the event has had support from some 1,500 volunteers who jointly planted almost 12,000 seedlings.

“We invite our community to join us at the top of the headland on Friday 2 June from 9am to 12noon. Trees, mulch, water and some tools will be supplied by Ballina Shire Council and the Lennox business community and volunteer groups have generously donated a barbecue and refreshments.

“If you plan to come along just wear sun protection, closed in shoes and bring digging tools if you own any,” added Mr Brideson.


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