News from around the web 18th May 2017

News from around the web from last week. Remember, if you have a comment to make about any of these stories, please leave us a message below.

Lennox ski jump: What economic benefits?
The office of sport confirmed that they have ‘not prepared any reports on the economic benefits to the local businesses in the Ballina area’ in an email to Peter Drew of Ballina council, listed in the development application (DA) documents online, on the 16 May.

Tender for Ballina super school out despite design concerns
TOING and froing between State Government departments has caused delays in securing the final design plans for the upcoming Ballina super school development.

Protesters howl to object to ski jump
Hundreds of protesters have opted for a more “arty” form demonstration to voice their disapproval of a proposed ski jump in Lennox Head in NSW.

Ballina Food & Wine Festival 2017
This year the festival will again have 3 different events run over 3 days showcasing a fusion of the best produce, products, restaurants and culinary expertise our region has to offer, along with premium wines, craft beer, cider and spirits.

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