Research Project – Attracting and Retaining Rural Workers Survey

ACCELL, the Australian Collaboratory for Career Employability and Learning for Living, at the University of Southern Queensland is running a research project on “decent work.” The study came about because Universities in Australia and Internationally realised that they were requiring much more information about the working life of the large majority of workers who are involved in work that is vital to the community. The research team is dedicated to finding out about the working lives of those who, for e.g. keep water flowing in our pipes, work on our farms, fix our electricity, those collect our garbage. Those who perform work that is most vital for our communities to function and flourish.

Our team thanks you for partnering with us and sending us important information about your working life. The data you provide will support your employers, communities and government with key information about how to provide work that is meaningful, satisfying, socially supportive and promotes  wellbeing.

Follow the link below to access the survey. The survey should take between 10-15 minutes and your consent is required on the introduction page, prior to accessing the survey.

Survey link:

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