Byron Bay NSW Australia - possibly the most famous small town in Australia. While most international travelers have troubles knowing where Brisbane is, nearly every one can tell you where Byron Bay is. With good reason too...

Byron Bay Information

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful coastal locations in the country, with beautiful picturesque headlands punctuating endless golden beaches, the natural landscape is the subject of many photographs and painting.

But it is the culture that sets Byron Bay apart, and sees tourists flocking to the Bay in droves far outnumbering the local population.

Byron Bay's alternative label has popularised it as a mecca for many - performing their annual pilgrimage to festivals, markets, dance parties, and celebrations. The multicultural arts, crafts, clothes and cuisine mark it as a place for expression, with weird and wonderful concoctions and fashion statements at every turn. A modern day Noah's Ark, the mixture of individuality gives Byron Bay its collective soul - a place where anything goes, where everyone fits in.

Byron Bay Festivals

As the popularity of Byron Bay has grown over the years, so has the list of headline events. Music Festivals are now Byron Bay's biggest attraction, with The Byron Bay Blues Festival being prominent on anyone's list of the top music festivals in Australia, if not the world.

The popularity of the Byron Bay Blues Festival swells larger and larger every year, but unfortunately the venue and the town stays the same. If you are looking for tickets, you are in for a struggle, unless you are willing to pay what it takes to secure a scalped ticket on eBay. Accommodation is even more scarce, as many party goers come on festival weekend just for the atmosphere of the town. Prices always soar, and a good option may be Bangalow, Suffolk Park, or even Ballina accommodation. A bus ride into town is usually convenient.

Byron Bay Markets

The Byron Bay Markets are a microcosm of the whole town. Stalls selling all the alternative wares that you can imagine harmoniously fit in with those offering good old fashion merchandise. Hotdog stands bustle next to organic tofu sprukers. Leather hats and belt stands nestle in beside natural hemp spun robes and tie dyed dresses. The first week of January, Easter Saturday and the Sept/Oct long weekend offer the Beachside Markets, occupying more than half a kilometre of the Main Beach foreshore and showcasing local sculpture, ceramics, glass, home wares, fashion, craft, toys and clothing.

The smaller, more specialised Artisan Market commences in the first week of October through to Easter, every Saturday evening in Railway Park between 4 and 9pm. For more information visit

The dancers, performers, singers and drummers also provide feasts for the senses in all shapes and sizes. Walking up and down the aisles of the Byron Bay Market Grounds can become an all day experience, with new things to see at every turn.

Byron Bay is definitely a destination most people wish to see. The town is a great place to experience something different and unique. If you are looking for the peaceful coastal retreat on deserted golden beaches, unfortunately you have missed it by twenty years or so, but the place still retains a cleanliness and natural beauty that no crowd can take away.

There are still a few unspoilt corners away from the eyes and lenses of the tourist that I know of, but that will just have to stay my little secret...

Byron Bay Information

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