Wardell is located off the Pacific Highway south of Ballina and is known by its landmark bridge built to replace the ferries and barges used to transport cedar and sugar cane in the 1800s.

Welcome to Wardell NSW Australia on the banks of the Richmond River.


Wardell on the Richmond River is a great place to fish, launch a boat or relax under a shady Moreton Bay Fig.

Rapidly growing into a village of new homes and young families Wardell is split by the Pacific Highway and the Richmond River.

Wardell provides access to Alstonville and Lismore via Meershaumvale to the west and is a lesiurely drive through the scenic hills and valleys. Directly south of the Wardell Bridge River Drive takes another scenic route through the cane fields along the banks of the Richmond River.

River Drive provides access to Empirevale, Patches Beach and South Ballina and its caravan parks and beaches and ends at the car ferry access to Ballina and is a favourite alternative route for the family where they can see how travellers crossed all the big rivers in the past

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