Alstonville represents the more country style communities in the Ballina Shire, but still within minutes of the beach. The lush red dirt of the Alstonville plateau feeds the famous gardens and plantations of the region, giving the rolling hills a classically prosperous look and feel.

Alstonville Real Estate Profile

Approximately halfway between Lismore and Ballina, Alstonville real estate represents a good location between the two major North Coast centres. Many residents choose to commute either way, but many also choose to stay put and work or go to school within Alstonville.

Alstonville is a very proud, independent community, with its businesses and services proudly thriving in the relatively small area.The local schools and sporting teams are proud and competitive, displaying the towns great community spirit.

Alstonville Real Estate Profile (RP Data)

Alstonville is contained within a 29 square kilometre area, with a population of 5,637 in 2001. The 1996 census showed a population of 4,901, giving a growth rate of 15% in that period.

In that time, pasture has been replaced by subdivisions, and the town is growing still - so the 2005 census will show a greater population still. Alstonville real estate is still a little bit cheaper than the other Ballina properties, but availability and popularity could possibly see real estate prices climb.

Alstonville Real Estate Household Makeup

Real estate owners in Alstonville are likely to be professional couples with children, paying off mortgages of between $800 and $1000 per month.

Alstonville Real Estate Profile - Household Income

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