As Ballina has become the more working class business centre of the North Coast, Lennox Head has developed into a more upmarket location for a more professional community. The smaller, more coastal community may even challenge Byron Bay as the most fashionable address on the North Coast.

Lennox Head Real Estate Profile

Lennox Head has traditionally been a town of surf and sand, with most of the Lennox Head real estate consisting of fibro beach houses within a short stroll of the pristine white sands of Seven Mile Beach.

But the old shacks are gone, and the beach frontage properties of Lennox Head are now some of the most sought after real estate in the North Coast. The town is spreading out at a great rate, as the popularity of the town, nestled half way between Ballina and Byron Bay, is much greater than the small strip of beachfront will allow.

With property spreading out over an area of 186 square kilometres, Lennox Head contains nine parks that cover a total of 1% of the area. Although this doesn’t seem like much park area, Lennox Head has retained a lot of its natural coastal bush habitat, so you don’t have to go far to escape to nature.

The headland and hillside properties have extended into the surrounding farm country, becoming flourishing estates in their own right. The population of Lennox Head has swelled from 3251 in 1996 to 4942 in the 2001. This is a massive growth of 52% over the five years.

Lennox Head Real Estate Profile

The population of Lennox Head is made up of a lot younger demographic than neighbouring Ballina, where a lot of the population works. The Lennox Head real estate community is made up of predominantly professional couples with children, with about 67% of the households being owner occupied.

Lennox Head Real Estate Profile Household Structure

These owners are typically paying off mortgages of $1000 to $1200 a month.  Because the more sought after Lennox Head real estate properties have gone for a premium price, the median sales price of Lennox Head is around $640,000

Lennox Head Real Estate Household Income

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