Visitors to Ballina.Info are always looking for things to do in this area. If your business offers a service to holiday makers or an event for people in the area we encourage you to advertise in this section for targeted branding.

Advertising in Things to Do

The Things to Do area of the Ballina.Info site includes the following pages where your ad will appear in the the right menu. Your ad (size 125x125px) as below sample will link to your web site or Business Directory Listing.

Sample Banner Ad

Your ad will be rotated with other advertisers and appear 10,000 times

Cost per month $200 - Contact us to ADVERTISE HERE

* The Things to Do area also includes the Cinema Guide however its advertising cost varies as this is a much higher traffic area. Advertise in the Cinema Guide.

Advertising Preparation

If you require your ad to be prepared for the web we can help with our Ad Preparation service.


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